Based on your specifications we’re happy to plan and calculate the required battery capacity and to advise on the battery type.

If required, our experts are able to provide start to finish solutions including ventilation calculations according to DIN or EN standards.


Any questions about all things battery or charging solutions? Please get in touch with us and one of our friendly experts will help you find the right battery.

Battery Inspection

By request, we conduct capacity tests using predefined charge and discharge currents. Capacity tests offer peace of mind regarding performance and condition of a battery. Optionally, we can combine the capacity test with a thermographic inspection to e.g. detect wiring issues. Other possible checks include internal resistance tests to identify possible weak spots.


We have a well assorted warehouse at our disposal allowing us to supply you with all things battery with the shortest lead time possible.

Our nationwide service network makes it possible to perform installations, disassembly, capacity checks, maintenance and the disposal of batteries all over Germany at your preferred location.

Our highly qualified service team with long-standing professional experience is trained according to CE standard.



Since December 1st, 2009, all manufacturer and importers of batteries are obligated to accept used batteries from consumer. CTM handles the recycling of the battery components according to legal regulation. We are a member of the GRS foundation: ‘Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem’ who takes care of the disposal of the batteries. We will provide you with a certificate to attest the correct recycling.

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